Persistence pays with monster mirror from The Avenue

CRAIG MCEVOY set his sights on a winter 50 and, as a spring arrived, he smashed that in style with this fantastic 58 lb mirror carp called Captain Scarlet.

Craig McEvoy displays his impressive 58 lb carp at The Avenue.

The colossus fell to a Dynamite Baits Monster Tigernut wafter fished alongside matching freebies on a German rig at Shropshire’s The Avenue.

Craig, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, said: “After five months of blanking, this had been the hardest winter I had ever fished.

“However, the goal to land one of the giants from The Avenue syndicate was strong.

“It was looking like another uneventful session but amidst a hell of a storm my receiver let out a series of bleeps.

“As I peered out the brolly, the bobbin had pulled up tight and I did a double take… I couldn’t believe it, I was in.

“On the rod straight away, I immediately knew this was something special as it was heavy, slow and ponderous, yet immensely powerful.

“The storm was creating havoc and I couldn’t see as the rain and wind was lashing into my face.

“Then after ten minutes I saw her, a huge cream like leviathan below the waves.

“Images of the film Jaws ran through my mind, and I prayed that the barbless hook would stay in place.

“Eventually she came up and wallowed on the surface just out of netting range.

“Without thinking, I jumped in up to my waist and engulfed her in my landing net first time.

“As I peered into the net I was blown away at the size of this creature that I had managed to snare.

“The long harsh winter had been worth it and it really does only take one bite,” concluded Craig.

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